The Accord Presidential Candidate, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, has appealed to Nigerians to endorse his candidature in 2023 general election in order to break away from the nation’s ugly past.

Imumolen at a news conference on Monday in Ikeja, Lagos, said that voting for him as the next president would usher the nation into an era of aggressive integration and development.

He said that the best way his countrymen and women could firmly point the way to a better and a more sustainable future was for them to reject the old order.

Imumolen said: “I am a younger man with fresher ideas, to lead them into a new era of self-actualisation and all-round development.

“Doing away with the old breed of leaders who have had nothing to offer despite decades of being at the helm, and deliberately seeking younger men, and women like me with something new and different to take their place, is the best way the country could hope to achieve it aim of rapid cultural, socio-economic recovery.

“Nigerians have almost cried themselves hoarse for good leadership for so long now, without any respite.”

According to him, for so long, Nigerians have had leaders who cared more about themselves than for the people.

“For so long, we have had self-serving leaders who would rather line their pockets with the country’s common wealth, than work towards the collective good.

“For so long, we have had a sect of leaders who have continued to recycle themselves to such extent that it was leaders we knew when we were growing up that are still struggling to remain relevant today, even when it is so clear that they have passed their prime.

“But thank God that people like us have been given the grace to offer ourselves to Nigerians as ones better prepared to lead this country to the next level,” he added.

The presidential candidate, who expressed his determination to digitalise the economy to fight corruption, said that his team had resolved to deal decisively with mass illiteracy, poverty and hardship as panacea for security.

Imumolen said that his administration would embark on revival of education, empowerment of youths and women in small and medium enterprises and creation of wealth for all and sundry.

The candidate said that his determination was to place back Nigeria on the path of prosperity and sustainable growth and development.

“My message to Nigerians therefore is for them to carefully consider the options before them and choose those they know have the capacity and wherewithal to lead them out of this quagmire of going around in circles, stagnation and dryness.

“And talking about capacity. I think, I, Professor Christopher Imumolen, is well prepared to lead Nigeria and offer the people hope again.

“In my private capacity, I have been positively affecting lives and bringing succour to the depressed and underprivileged through different self-sponsored initiatives, schemes and programmes that have gone a long way in bringing smiles to millions of faces.

“I am in no doubt that I would do more if given the chance to be president of this great country,” he said.

The candidate said that his capacity in private sector remained unquestionably, and his impact in humanitarian, economic and education support to Nigerians privately in the last 15 years, had put him in the Book of Greatness in the UK.

“I am in no doubt that I would do more if given the chance to be president of this great country I will take Nigeria to its determination of prosperity and place back Nigeria to the map of progressing nation in the world,” he said.

He promised that if elected, he would be open to ethnic section and be a father to all having privately oversee an organisation with over five million people.

“As a president, I will ensure that I bring the nation back to order. No nation without peace and unity will ever experience progress. Number one thing in our manifesto is national integration,” he said. (NAN)