It was stated that this would open the door for a forensic investigation into the CBN Governor’s actions and those of his top management team and advisers since taking office. 

The group’s National Coordinator, Mr. Bitrus Nta Oliver, made the announcement in a press release that was made available to the media. He claimed that the legal action had become necessary to help revive the faltering economy and preserve President Muhammadu Buhari’s legacies after the endless wait for the apex Bank’s cleansing.

A few weeks prior, the organization had urged President Buhari to remove Emefiele from office due to what they called a “abuse of office.” 

If the President did not take action, the group threatened to file a lawsuit. 

“After several weeks of waiting, we are now left with no choice but to take the patriotic step of starting a legal action to help preserve the economy from Emefiele’s mismanagement,” they claimed in the statement. 

“SSAT plans to obtain an order for the NFIU, DSS, Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN), and the CBN board to examine the Bank, Emefiele, his senior management team, and personal aides who are allegedly contributing to the difficulties the Nigerian economy is suffering,” it stated.