Nigerian lawmaker and author, Akin Alabi has said it is not right to discourage people from going to school just because tech billionaires Elon Musk and Bill Gates dropped out of school.   He urged people to do away with such mentality.  

In his post shared on social media, Akin stated that contrary to popular opinion, most tech billionaires graduated from school.

He wrote   ”Over half of Billion Dollar tech companies founders have a minimum of masters degrees. Don’t encourage people to drop out school because Bill Gates and Elon Musk did. Let me tell you something.

Elon Musk dropped out of PhD not JS2. Bill Gates was a rich kid with a mother on the board of IBM. Be comparing that with yourself. Go to school, send your children to school. It’s the best bet for the average person to succeed. Of course, you can develop yourself in other areas.”