A DARING TikToker has revealed that she never wears bras, but that her parents aren’t impressed with her choice.

The social media personality took to the platform to share her peculiar habit, and the pushback she receives as a result.

In her video, Madds explained that her parents told her “You won’t be respected if you don’t cover up.”

However, she decided to put her comfort before societal norms and ditch her brassiere.

“Me being braless for three years and literally no one caring,” she said in her video as she used a filter to show herself dancing around carefree.

Madds, a proud member of the “No bra club,” shared further details of her braless life in the caption of the clip.

“I go braless to business meetings and just wear loose clothes,” she revealed.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the braless life.

“I’d rather be comfortable [than try] to look ‘acceptable’ for other people,” wrote one viewer.

She added: “My mom’s the exact same way. Non stop to me every time I try to go out without a bra. They’re just so uncomfortable and painful, I don’t care if people see me.

“It’s been three years for me too!!” wrote another follower.

A third person dubbed Madds’ lifestyle choice “Queen sh*t.”

The TikToker shared that her parents warned her to wear a bra if she wanted to be respected