Merosa Academy Abuja, has awarded some members of its staff for outstanding performances and dedication to service as part of its five years anniversary celebration.

Dr Augustine Igbuku,  the Chairman of the Academy, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the sidelines of the event that the essence of the awards was to motivate the.

“We are five years and we thought that we should make it memorable.”

The success of school institutions is determined by the quality of teachers and the reliability of the teachers you have in the school.”

And I thought that for those who have stayed with us for the past five years, it is good we recognise them and thank them for the roles they played.

”We want to motivate them and get them to be more involved in the school activities as we grow from five to ten years,” he said.

According to Igbuku, motivation is paramount for any individual to be exceptional and the school’s management have been promoting that dialogue internally.

He said:”that is why we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we provide and fulfill the promise we made.”

We told our staff that if you spend five years with us,  you do not only get a plaque, you get N200,000 and if you spend 10 years you get N500,000.”So we have different milestones for different gifts .

For us we are happy we are able to do this inspite of the difficulty in town and I hope we will be able to fulfill the other milestones as we progress in our journey.

On staff training, the chairman said the school had a lot of structured training both technical,  human relations and developmental which it ran for all teachers on a termly basis.

”We see training as a critical success factor in our institution and no school can remain within the top echelon without effective training,” he added.The guest speaker, Dr Philomena Omodafe, while speaking on ”Motivation as a Veritable Tool for Higher Productivity ” said motivation drives performance.

According to Omodafe, motivation is the right use of appropriate incentives to achieve desired  results of dedication and productivity.

She urged the teachers to put in passion into their job, saying without passion it would be difficult for them to achieve expected results on the job.

”You must create your relevance to take your pride of place in the society and make a difference in our world.

Some of the awardees, who expressed pleasure for the award,  thanked the school and  its management for finding them worthy of commendation.

Ms Jacinta  Bernard, who received an award for the most valuable early years teacher, Kubwa, said she felt special for being given the award.

”This is encouraging, I feel very special and I am motivated to put in my best on the job.”

I have been working here for over two years and the experience has been superb,  the management has been motivating us to put in our best.Another recipient, Mr Okoi Arikpo,  the Facility Manager, who received an award for the most outstanding staff, said he felt happy and great.

”I want to thank my cousin workers for  their support and also my Chairman who gave me the enabling environment for me to achieve this great height.

”I urge my colleagues to continue to be dedicated to their duties, take the job as if it’s our business and encourage one another so we can achieve great success,”Arikpo said.