01 June, 2021


Twitter users have dug out a tweet from Buhari’s Twitter page criticising former president, Goodluck in 2015.

In 2015, Buhari took to Twitter to question the level of security during Goodluck’s administration.

He tweeted, “Can our president keep us safe when we travel to any part of this country? Is your life better today than it was six years Ago?”

This tweet was made when Muhammadu Buhari was aspiring to become the president of Nigeria. Buhari won the 2015 election in Nigeria with the support of many APC leaders who campaigned for him. He has every right to criticise the then President because he wasted to win election, and he is from the opposition party.

However, now that the tweet surfaced online, many Nigerians are beginning to compare the level of security in 2015 and Now. Security in Nigeria is very poor with daily records of killings and kidnappings.

Many Nigerians are living in constant fear because of the problem of insurgency, kidnapping, banditry and arm robbery all over Nigeria. More effort need to be put in place to solve the problem of Insecurity in Nigeria.