Southwest Created Amotekun as Regional Police, South East created its own security outfit, Kano created Hisbah, Bornu State, Niger and Kogi created Civilian JTF for internal security within the States and now Kaduna is proposing to create its own security outfit. Call it whatever name, it is Regional or State Police for all I care.

Lagos and Rivers State have passed Value Added Tax Law and therefore have domesticated its collection. Ogun will pass its own VAT Law any moment from now. Benue, Ondo, Lagos and others have passed Anti Open Grazing Law and have taken charge of Security of their people from Herdsmen Grazing with AK 47. Adamawa State has just issued a Statement that it will support Rivers State should the Federal Government challenge Rivers in Supreme Court on VAT Law.

Kano State, Zamfara, Jigawa and others have since passed Sharia Criminal Law to please their citizens and are effectively implementing it and Kano is notorious about anti-Alcohol beverages. Katsina has expressed intention to pass Anti Open Grazing Law just like Southern States and Benue. Gombe is appealing to Lagos and Rivers to please be their brothers’ keepers by allowing them to still be sharing something from VAT collected by them.

Federal Government of Nigeria is talking about cow route in Nigeria but the States are saying NO and ignoring the FGN based on Land Use Act that gave Lands in the territory of every State to the Governors to hold in trust for the benefit of all Nigerians.

Elrufai of Kaduna State has just conducted a Local Government elections in which opposition did not only win his unit and ward but won in 2 Local Governments in the results that have been released so far.

Even though the National Assembly failed us Nigerians haven refused to take the Lead for restructuring but the Governors and the People have decided to take their destinies in their own hands with these home made restructuring and revolution taking place in Nigeria.

I hereby call on and enjoin other Governors in Nigeria to take radical steps to give meaning to Nigeria Federalism since it is difficult for any part of the Nation to divorce from this force marriage which Lord Lugard of ‘mud’ memory have put all of us in. If we have economic restructuring and resource control in the various Region and States, there will be very little agitation and Nigeria would be better of.

I congratulate all the Governors taking the Lead in this revolution especially Governors Akeredolu, Wike, Othom and of recent Sanwoolu, una do well o!

I am TOLU BABALEYE ESQ writing from the Office of the Citizens.