ON JUNE 02, 2021

National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has said that it is totally against any secession agenda by any part of the country.

It however backed the call for true federalism in the country.

The leader of the youth group, Comrade Solomon Adodo who spoke ahead of the NYCN’s leadership, economic and security summit to be attended by youths across the 36 states of the federation called on the leadership of the National Assembly to document the contributions of Nigerians in the ongoing constitution review exercise and give legal backing to them.

He said: “Let me state clearly that the NYCN agrees to the need for a retooling /review of policies and laws that guide our country – the Constitution – especially to guarantee true fiscal federalism and more responsibilities to the subnational governments (State and Local Government), we, however, opine that with love, tolerance and mutual working amongst all ethnic groups. Nation Building and Constitutional review is a continuous exercise that is better achievable together than apart.

“We categorically state as the Council piloting the affairs of all Young Nigerians that we are totally against any secession agenda. It is our belief that secession is not in the interest of the united youths of this country.

“At any rate, we should be instructed by the unending violence, destruction, and economic holocaust that have visited nations which choose the pathway of civil wars and inter-ethnic attacks. The cases of Libya and South Sudan should easily show us that everyone will surely end up a loser if we choose the path of war.

“We advise all proponents of secession and drummers of ethnic wars to review their positions and direct all their energies towards the unity and retooling of Nigeria.

“We must reiterate that violence and wars will only destroy us all. We have no other nation, the youth are the last line in the Defence of our nation, we have no plan B other than standing up for the unity and safety of our nation.

We call on all Young Nigerians to stand up for a greater and united Nigeria. Let us take our future now!”

Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee of NYCN, Ambassador, Babatunde Oluajo appealed to leaders to be nationalistic in their approach to issues.

“All Nigerians must be seen as one irrespective of religious and ethnic linings.

“The independence of Nigeria was fought by a youthful population. And considering the fact Nigeria is youthfully populated, any attempt to develop the nation without considering the youth will fail”, he said.

Earlier, NYCN chairman, Cross River state, and chairman of the conference planning committee, Dan Oboh Jnr said the Committee would help proffer solutions to the challenges bedeviling Nigeria as a nation, asking for youth to assist in the restoration of peace, unity, and progress of the country.