By Peters May 29, 2021 10:42 pm

Some agitators of the Yoruba nation on Saturday allegedly stormed Idiroko border, which is between Nigeria and the Benin Republic area of Ogun State and forcefully opened the land border.

The land border has remained closed since 2019 when the Federal Government directed that all importations should be done through the sea ports.

The Yoruba nation supporters invaded the border community and forced open all gates at the international frontier, alleging that the closure was causing hardship.

According to a video obtained on Facebook platform posted by one AK Ola Oduduwa and analysed by Independent, it was observed that a gun was snatched from a security agent.

The agitators were being followed by a blue coloured Toyota Hilux vehicle with siren attached to it’s roof but with no registration number.

A man in yellow T-shirt was also seen shooting the gun into the air to the admiration of others at the scene.

Different voices were heard in the video calling on the soldiers and other security agents to come out and shoot.

voices chants accusing the federal government of closing the borders only in South West while those in the North were left open.

A man, who was accused to have tried to record the incident with his mobile phone was attacked and thoroughly beaten.

When contacted, the spokesman of the Nigeria Customs service Ogun 1 Area Command, Hammed Oloyede, said the situation was under control.

an attempt to attack at a patrol point of the Service was repelled he said.

”There was no attack on our patrol bases or checkpoints. Those guys are just doing their own. They tried to attack one patrol point but it was repelled. The situation is under control. There is no problem.”