The People Democratic Party’s (PDP) Presidential Campaign Council on Friday in Abuja urged President Muhammadu Buhari to intervene in the attacks on its campaign rallies.

It also urged the president to intervene in the destruction of its campaign billboards, especially in states not being ruled by the party.

The Council’s Director of Strategy and Communication, Mr Dele Momodu, made the appeal at a news conference where he said it was becoming impossible for the PDP to erect billboards or paste posters especially in Lagos State.

This, he argued, was a threat to democracy.

He called on President Buhari to direct security agencies to arrest the “disturbing trend’’.

“We are hoping that Mr President will speak with security agencies to protect the lives of our people; to protect our properties wherever they are in Nigeria, because we are all Nigerians,’’ he said.

Momodu also condemned Thursday’s alleged attack on the Port Harcourt residence of the Rivers coordinator of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council, Sen. Lee Maeba.

He expressed concern that the attack was carried out even as the president had instructed security agencies to deal ruthlessly with troublemakers.

“Yes, there are internal issues within the PDP, but that should not result in bloodshed. I don’t want to apportion blames because I am not a security agent,’’ he said.

Momodu described the party’s Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the most experienced, most detribalised candidate, who would not discriminate against anyone.

He said there was no doubt that the PDP was in the lead in issues-based campaigning and positive messaging.

“PDP is a very responsible political party. We are the most organised political party.

“That is why our rallies are usually carnivals; carnivals of ideas; carnivals of issues.

“In a few times we have had issues; it was because some people wanted to disrupt our rallies, but thank God we have a very good defence team.

“Our defence team always goes ahead to ensure maximum security because if you go to a rally and people get killed or injured, nobody wants to come to the next rally.

“We have been fortunate that we have been able to prevent thugs from taking over our rallies.’’ Momodu said. (NAN)