Hours after the identity of Rudeboy’s new girlfriend went viral, she has taken to social media to respond to critics.

M3bullet.ng earlier reported that the one-half of the duo known as P-square found love once more in a 22-year-old Igbo girl by the name Ivy Ifeoma.

The 41-year-old singer and his new lover Ifeoma celebrated one year anniversary recently and Rudeboy posted videos of them going to Church together and later having a special couple’s date night, on Instagram stories.

On the clip was the caption; “Church with my beautiful.”

Ivy is a model, influencer and digital creator. She also runs The Ivy Mark, a female clothing brand.

However, since the news broke out, many have taken to social media to share their distaste for the relationship, with some pointing out the age difference.

Some others blamed Ivy for the end of Rudeboy’s marriage to Anita.

Ivy resorted to her Instagram profile to respond to trolls who were calling her names and saying that she had bitter spirits that hung above the ground, but she decided to ignore them.

Anita Okoye, who was previously married to Paul Okoye and filed for divorce in 2021 after the couple had been living apart for a number of years, currently resides in the United States with the children.

Despite going their separate ways, the duo enjoys a cordial relationship.

In November, Rudeboy publicly celebrated his extracted ex-wife’s 34th birthday despite their divorce.

Paul shared Anita’s birthday shoot on his Instagram story with a special shout-out to celebrate her.