Reactions have trailed a video on social media showing a sex worker in apparent shock after her ‘client’ pulled a ritual prank on her.

In the video posted on Twitter on Monday, November 28,  the sex worker is seen making her way into a hotel room and undressing.

But to her surprise,  the supposed client suddenly enters the room dressed in a red garment and with his face painted white.

A supposedly dead human is also conveyed out of the hotel restroom, suggesting her client might be a ritual killer.

Seeing this, the sex worker sprung up from her bed in shock and made for the room’s exit but she was stopped by the guys.

As this happens, the lady passes out .

In the footage, the men are seen attempting to wake her while screaming into her ears that it was a prank.

In another video, a sex worker screams upon seeing the traditionally clothed men.

She threatens to stab the men and hits one with a bottle as he screams that it was a prank.

The video has generated mixed reactions on social media..

Watch below

Below are some reactions: