The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) that produced Charles Soludo as the governor of Anambra State will continue to suffer stunted growth under his era as governor if left unchecked.

Against the background of its 20 years of existence and the bold vision behind its formation, APGA under Soludo and its National Chairman, Chief Ike Oye has not fared well. Its stunted growth can be located to one major factor which is Catholicism.

Soludo, who is a Catholic and the only Governor of APGA in the South East is highly responsible for this development. He (Soludo) has turned the party’s identity into Catholicism. In other words, if you are not a Catholic, there is no possibility of you winning any elective tickets in the party.

Evident, to this is one of the reasons why Soludo is currently frustrating the efforts of Chief Chikwe Udensi, APGA Abia gubertorial candidate, who is an Anglican and the most competent candidate from clinching the party’s governorship ticket.

Feeders within the party’s structure in Abia State said Soludo and Victor Oye the National Chairman of APGA are throwing their weight behind Prof. Greg Ibe just because he is a Catholic and his rival, Chief Chikwe Udensi is an Anglican.

How can a serving governor sacrifice quality and the competence of a candidate on the alter of religious affiliation. Soludo is indeed a religious bigot, a fanatic and an agent of division in the body of Christ and must be brought to order before our party is turned into something else

If CHURCH affiliations has turned into a yardstick for producing or supporting candidates for elective positions, then APGA is doomed to fail and will become a subject of public ridicule.

APGA is in dire need of a push. Nobody but Soludo, APGA’s only governor, is better placed to reposition the party. And no time, no setting but the unfolding 2023 election process, could be more auspicious for strengthening the party and expanding its reach.

Comrade Paul Anyim, a concerned citizen, writes from Aba