Spain Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said a suspect has been arrested two months after letter bombs in Spain were sent to several Embassies and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, among others.

The state television station RTVE and other media on Wednesday reported the police as saying that the 74-year-old man was arrested on the street in Miranda de Ebro, about 300 kilometres north of Madrid.

The Spanish government had not ruled out at the time that the series of letter bombs at the end of November could have been connected to the war in Ukraine.

A total of six items had been sent to Sánchez and to the embassies of the U.S. and Ukraine, among others.

A defence company, whose products were delivered to Ukraine, as well as Defence Minister Margarita Robles and the EU satellite centre at the Torrejón airbase had also received letter bombs.

As media reported, citing the police, the consignments contained home-made mechanisms with a relatively small amount of pyrotechnic material and with small metal balls.

However, only one device exploded causing hand injury to an employee of the Ukrainian embassy. (DPA)