Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers has cast his vote hours after the three BVAS machines failed to accredit him and his wife Suzzet for the the Presidential election in Ward 9, Unit 7, Obio/Akpo Local Government Area on Saturday.

The governor finally cast his vote at 12.50p.m.but the wife could not as the BVAS machines failed to accredit her for the second time.

The machines had failed to recognise their thumb print or face as the Presiding Officer, Agatha Abiokun battled in vain to have them accredited.

Abiokun however pleaded with the governor to wait and added that she had sent for an INEC technician to come and rectify the anomaly.

The News Agency of (NAN) reports that INEC technical personnel later rectified the BVAS machines and voting commended at the polling centre.

Wike had expressed disappointment and added that INEC aught to have put all its tools in order before now.

“We are highly disappointed INEC told us they were ready for the election and that BVAS are working.

“You can see the crowd here I don’t think that most people will be allowed to vote with slow working of the BVAS.

“I have stayed about 25 minutes here and I was told to go and come back that they will rectify the BVAS.

“We are highly disappointed. If a number of people are disenfranchised, what do you expect? People will lose their temper and anything could happen.

“INEC ought to have been completely ready before telling the people they are ready. There is no violence anywhere in the state,” Wike said.