It’s no longer news that the African Action Alliance and the People’s Redemption Party agreed to align forces on Monday to increase their electoral chances in the upcoming general election. However, while speaking at the conference in Abuja, Omoyele Sowore stated that he was one of the people who fought against the debacle of the June 12 election with MKO Abiola before he was killed, adding that Kola Abiola, the first son of MKO Abiola, was busy dating Babangida’s daughter then.

He added that they opposed the annulment of the election at that time when they were on the street, killing themselves and fighting for the annulment of the election. 

According to him, “I was one of the people who fought against the June 12 debacle with Abiola.” Kola Abiola was dating Babangida’s daughter when we were killing ourselves on the street. They were having fun. They were opposed to the annulment of the election, while we were fighting for the annulment. Kola Abiola is not a new person to us when it comes to reactionary politics.

Video Credit: YouTube