14-year-old girl shot dead by drunk hunter

A 14-year-old girl has been killed by a drunken hunter in the Ayinla Akera area of Orile Agege, Lagos.

The girl was shot dead by a hunter on a bike on Tuesday, Sept. 19. 

A video of the aftermath of the shooting shows the girl lying in a pool of blood as residents gathered in shock.

Voices in the background are heard claiming that the shooting was allegedly done by policemen from Elere Police Station.

However, the Divisional Police Officer of Elere Station, Amodu Jimoh, dismissed the report linking policemen to the incident.

The DPO told Punch, “On Tuesday night, our men were patrolling. The policemen saw some people crowded on the street there. They tried to find out what was happening. They were told somebody shot at a small girl.

“They saw the corpse on the ground. It was a 14-year-old girl. They asked for the person that shot her. They were told it was a hunter carrying a Dane gun. He was drunk. There is a woman selling alcoholic drinks beside the place.

“Maybe he was about to remove something and the gun fired. He came with a bike and it was likely an accidental discharge.”

The DPO said the corpse was taken to a nearby hospital, adding that the police traced the woman who runs the shop where the hunter went to drink.

The police have arrested three yet-to-be-identified suspects in relation to the shooting.