23-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Recounts her Terrifying Ordeal in Kidnappers’ Den

A 23-year-old lady identified as Regina Odey, has revealed the terrifying experience she had after spending seven days in the hands of kidnappers in Ondo State.The incident took place in Ago-Oyinbo village, located in Akure North Local Government Area of the state, where she was working on her family’s farm.According to her, she was abducted by some armed men while carrying out her duties on the farm two weeks ago.She revealed that her family paid a ransom of N350,000 to secure her release.Speaking at the headquarters of the Amotekun Corps in Akure, Regina narrated the events leading up to her abduction.“My parents were in town, and I had gone to the village to assist my sisters and gather funds for our upcoming school session.“On that fateful day, while we were working on the farm, we suddenly noticed three armed men approaching our location.“Realizing the danger, I immediately alerted my sisters about the approaching individuals, whom I suspected to be Fulani herdsmen. Without hesitation, I made the decision to flee but my sister warned not to.“When they reached our location, they commanded us to kneel down, and we complied. In that moment, desperation took hold, and we pleaded with them for mercy. Two of the abductors brandished firearms, while the third wielded a cutlass.“They singled me out and ordered me to stand up, instructing me to accompany them. As we embarked on our journey, one of the kidnappers grabbed a sturdy cassava stick and began ruthlessly striking me.“The ordeal lasted for an agonizing seven days. They demanded my father’s phone number, but due to the trauma I had experienced, I couldn’t recall it from memory. I eventually informed them that I was an orphan, that both my parents had tragically passed away, and that I had come to the village to assist my sisters and secure funds for my education upon returning to school.“However, they dismissed my claims as falsehoods, asserting that they possessed detailed knowledge about my family,” she said.Amotekun Corps Commander in the state, Akogun Adetunji Adeleye, who disclosed how the Corps rescued the young lady, said over 20 suspects had been arrested for alleged involvement in various criminal activities across the state.