26 injured as Ukrainian councillor detonates grenades at meeting

A Ukrainian village councillor set off hand grenades at a meeting, wounding 26 people, national police said Friday, triggering the launch of a terror investigation.

The incident took place Friday morning at the headquarters of the village council of Keretsky in western Ukraine’s mountainous Zakarpattia region.

A video posted by the police on Telegram showed a man dressed in black entering the door of a council meeting during a heated discussion.

He then pulled three hand grenades from his pockets, released the safety pins and dropped them on the floor, triggering explosions as those at the meeting screamed.

“As a result, 26 people were wounded, six of whom are in grave condition,” the police statement said, adding that medics were trying to resuscitate the man who threw the grenades.

Ukraine’s police said the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) opened a terrorism investigation.

It also said national police opened a probe into the illegal handling of weapons.

The committee held a live video of its discussion on social media, which showed the man had walked in more than 1.5 hours into the debate and stood by the door before taking out the grenade.

It then showed chaos inside the small room, which went dark and was filled with smoke, with injured people on the floor.