Abuja residents invade NEMA warehouse, loot foodstuffs amid hardship

Abuja residents have looted a warehouse belonging to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Department of Agriculture.

The warehouse was raided by the residents on Sunday morning. They carted away foodstuffs and other items stored in the warehouse.

Social media reports had claimed that the warehouse belonged to the National Emergency Agency (NEMA).

But NEMA in a statement said the looted warehouse does not belong to the agency. It However, sympathizes with owners of the looted facility.

In recent times, Nigerians have been groaning over hardship and soaring prices of commodities occasioned by government policies, especially the removal of petrol subsidy and unification of forex rate.

In some states, many Nigerians have taken to the streets in protest of unbearable hardship due to high cost of commodities, especially food items.