Bandits Used Money We Paid Them To Buy More Arms – Former Katsina SSG Tells Tinubu, Ribadu

simultaneously from all the states and neighbouring country like Niger Republic are ever ready as they have been collaborating with us.While these things are done, the Governors of the various states too should meet and take common positions on all the issues that will facilitate and help the military operations especially decisions or measures that will undermine the strength of the bandits. For instance, ban on use of motorcycle, buying of fuel in jerrican in those areas among others. It should be a unanimous decision by the states.“People are under siege in these areas, many of these things are not reported because people are tired of reporting them. But on daily basis, people are been kidnapped, killed, women are raped, many of them have children from the rape, and you have all sorts of trauma.“Moreover, you cannot stop these people from this thing because it has become part of them. It has become a culture to these people. Because it has been here for a very long time. If you go into history, it is as far back as 1891, banditry was experienced in Zamfara area. Also, during colonial period. The thing is, it is just now that it is only becoming too rampant these.“It is impossible for the people to willingly accept to do, it has to be by force.“Moreover, you are talking about amnesty, negotiation, let it be a request from the bandits after you have put them on their knees by the strength of security operations. If they call for these, then you can consider granting it, not government calling them for negotiation. The money they are making now will not make them listen, the former SGS, Dr. Inuwa however stated