Blood of Jesus is not a substitute for medical treatment – Bishop Unuigbe

Bishop Augustine Unuigbe, the Anglican Bishop of the Trinity in New Jersey, has issued an advise to Christians.He advised them not to rely on faith healing but seek medical attention from certified physicians at the appropriate time.He made the remarks during a guest appearance at 90Minutes Africa hosted by Rudolf Okonkwo.The Anglican Bishop, who is also a medical doctor, said that too much damage has been done to peoples’ lives by some so-called faith preachers.”As a doctor, I am absolutely upset about the effects of some of these things,” Bishop Unuigbe said.”Some of these people come to my clinic, and when I check their blood pressure, it is over 200/120. What comes out of their mouth is ‘blood of Jesus, I reject it in Jesus name’. There is so much denial.”There are many reported cases of religious organisations in Nigeria and elsewhere encouraging their members not to take medicines for their ailments but instead rely on faith healing.Some denominations reject aspects of medical treatments such as blood transfusion. Such religious practices have led to many avoidable deaths over the years.Bishop Unuigbe said it is ironic that some preachers who tell their followers to practise faith healing utilise medical devices to aid themselves.”I am a believer in faith, but I do take my medicines. Sometimes, the preacher telling people to throw away their medicine is wearing glasses to correct his sight,” he said.