Champions League: how Man City can defeat Inter Milan in final – Guardiola speaks

Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, has talked about how his team can be victorious in the Champions League.He gave a tactical breakdown into how his team can defeat Inter Milan in the Champions League final on Saturday.The Serie A side stand in between City and winning the Treble this season.Although many observers feel Guardiola’s men are big favourites, the Spaniard has said it will not be an easy game.“Inter will be a team with a lot of difficulties. It’s not easy to attack the defensive system they use. We have to be with a lot of rhythm but be patient. We are not going to do it in three, four passes.“We have to use the right tempo that we have to play in these type of games. As much as the game goes through, you become more anxious and that will be a problem.“They are used to controlling all the games in Italy, they have good patterns and of course we have to defend really, really well.“It’s a final against a top team, we have to do it. We are confident and so optimistic, but at the same time I cannot deny the qualities of the opponents, especially in the final of the Champions League,” Guardiola said.