Coup: Niger Republic cuts off ties with Nigeria, others

The military junta in Niger Republic cut off ties with Nigeria, France, and other countries on Friday, after the peace talks delegates sent by the Economic Community of West Africa States failed.

According to a report on Friday by Radio France International, the “delegation from the ECOWAS arrived in Niamey, with the aim of establishing a dialogue with the junta in order to obtain the return to constitutional order. The first contacts on site were positive.

“But at the end of the evening, the CNSP spoke through the voice of Colonel-Major Amadou Abdramane, the same who spoke on July 26, when the soldiers announced that they had overthrown President Mohamed Bazoum.

The report also entailed that, “The putschists also decided to put “an end to the functions of the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of the Republic of Niger” from four countries: France and the United States, two allies of President Bazoum, Nigeria, whose President Bola Tinubu is also at the head of ECOWAS and which imposed sanctions against Niger – suspension of financial and commercial transactions, freezing of the assets of putschists, cut in electricity supply… –, and Togo”

Prior to this development, the PUNCH reported on August 3 that in a bid to sanction the Military coup which occurred on July 26 in Niger Republic, the Chairman of the regional bloc, Economic Community of West Africa, Tinubu, stopped power supply from Nigeria to the Republic of Niger on Wednesday.