Former WWE star, Hulk Hogan marries for the 3rd time

Hulk Hogan, 69, has married for the third time.

The wrestling icon married Sky Daily, a mom-of-three, on Friday night, Sept. 22, in a ceremony in Clearwater, Florida.

The wedding between the wrestler and yoga instructor was a low-key affair, with only their nearest and dearest ones present.

Hulk Hogan marries for the third time

The former WWE and WCW star has two children, Brooke, 35, and Nick, 32, from his first marriage.

Son Nick was at the wedding on Friday and shared images on Instagram. His sister Brooke did attend the wedding.

Hulk Hogan’s first marriage was to Linda Hogan. They were together between 1983 and 2009. After divorcing, he married Jennifer McDaniel the following year, from whom he separated in 2021. His split with Linda was marked by a nasty divorce process amid allegations of infidelity and financial disputes. 

Hogan and Daily began dating in early 2022 after his parting with McDaniel had been finalized.