Get A Life – Reno Omokri Slams Nigerians Mocking DJ Cuppy Over Alleged Break-Up With Fiancé

Reno Omokri, a former aide of Goodluck Jonathan has taken a swipe at social media users dragging DJ Cuppy over the alleged split from her fiancé, British boxer Ryan Taylor.Recall that fans of the Nigerian DJ speculated that all is not well with the relationship between Cuppy and her British lover.A quick check showed that the boxer is no longer following her Nigerian fiancee, coupled with the fact that the incessant tagging and posting of Ryan by Cuppy has also stopped.In another post on his Instagram story, Ryan hinted about letting go of something that blocks one’s spirituality.Reacting to the development in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle on Sunday morning, Omokri expressed sadness that Nigerians were happy to discuss the rumoured split between DJ Cuppy and her fiancé.The author opined that the break-up report is false, stating that he chose to be optimistic and think good thoughts about himself and others.He wrote: “Is it that we Nigerians have a wicked streak in us? Look at how much joy, glee, and almost drunken relish people are taking at the rumoured split between DJ Cuppy and her fiancé!“First of all, I don’t think the news is true. I choose to be optimistic and think good thoughts about myself and others. Outside of politics, my expectations are that goodness and mercy will follow me and every believer all the days of our lives, as Scripture says. But even if it were true, must we celebrate? Must we be ecstatic? Must we act triumphantly as if we have won a prize for ourselves?“I read Margaret Mitchell’s ‘Gone with the Wind’ as a teenager. And there was something Scarlet O’Hara said in the book, which I took offence at. She said Black people love bad news and relished being the bearers of such information.“As a teenager, and now almost fifty, I am naturally a fun and upbeat person, and selfishly using myself as a model, I rejected the fictional Miss O’Hara’s classification of Black people as racist. Now, at almost fifty, I begin to question my initial dismissal of her take on my race.“Please get a life and leave the young girl to get in with hers. At thirty, she has multiple degrees and has succeeded at multiple careers. What have you achieved with yours? Perhaps if you were not so fixated on expecting evil for others, more good would have come to you.”Marriage is not an achievement. If it comes, good. If it does not, also good. Life without a husband or wife, children, and grandchildren is still life. Yeshua (Christ) and Paul never married, but they are some of the most successful people that ever lived.”As long as you are content and fulfilled and live purposefully, you have NOTHING to regret or be ashamed of. DJ Cuppy, may it be well with you in Yeshua’s Name!”