Girl’s father threatens to kill headteacher for enforcing abaya dress ban at school

A man whose daughter was sent home twice allegedly threatened to kill the headteacher for imposing an abaya dress ban at a French school.

The father of the high school student is said to have made the death threats over the phone.

According to C News, the daughter attends Ambroise-Brugière High School in Clermont-Ferrand, which has nearly 1,300 students.

She was turned away from the school gates twice after she refused to follow the government’s new dress code policy.

On the first occasion, the student wore the abaya, a loose-fitting long robe, to school but was sent back home.

But on Thursday, when she showed up to school again wearing an abaya, she was prohibited from entering the establishment.

The school’s action angered her father, and he ended up calling the headteacher to seek an explanation before allegedly making the death threats.

The school swiftly alerted the National Education hierarchy, and a complaint was lodged.

Since the incident, the man has been taken to the Clermont-Ferrand police station and is under police custody while inquiries continue.

Gabriel Attal, Minister of National Education and Youth of France, has also shown support for the headteacher for following the government protocol.

The new dress code ban came into effect this week on Wednesday, September 4.

While announcing the new measure, Mr Attal said: “When you walk into a classroom, you shouldn’t be able to identify the pupils’ religion just by looking at them. I have decided that the abaya can no longer be worn in schools.’