Gombe State University student arrested for allegedly throwing her 1-day old baby to death from the 2nd floor of her hostel building

A female student of the Gombe State University, Gombe has been arrested for allegedly murdering her one-day-old baby who she threw from the second floor of the female hostel.

The body of the newborn was found in the early hours of Saturday, September 9, near Hall IV of the female hostels by passerby who raised the alarm only to discover that the baby was already dead as a result of an injury sustained in the right leg. 

A student of the school who spoke to the Nation, said the mother of the baby had been hiding the pregnancy in her hijab gown for months to prevent it from being noticed.

Confirming the incident, the University Public Relations Officer, Mohammed Abubakar, said;

“It is confirmed that a baby was thrown down from a height in one of the female hostels, It is a serious action and the university is investigating it and disciplinary action will be taken on it because it is a crime to murder a baby. If it is a matter of delivering the baby now there is no problem but throwing an innocent day-old baby to death is a crime,” Abubakar said.