Helping kids find cancer cure means everything to me- Super Falcons Alozie

Super Falcons player, Michelle Alozie has revealed that helping kids find cure for their cancer diseases means everything to her.

The 26-year-old who was part of the Super Falcons squad that reached the round of 16 at the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, made this known during an interview with the Attacking Third, a women’s soccer show from CBS Sports covering the NWSL, WSL, US Women’s National Team and more.Alozie, who works as a research technician, studying acute leukaemia at the Texas Children’s Hospital, had once told FIFA that one of the reasons she chose that career path was to help people.She said, “I have a passion for helping people. Thankfully, biology was something that I was really good at in school and so medicine just seemed like the correct option there. Again, it’s just amazing to meet these young kids that I’m helping find a cure for their cancer. It means everything to me.”

Speaking further, Alozie who revealed that growing up in the United States made it easier for her to combine cancer research and playing football.

She added that people she thinks people who always asked her how she combines football and her job as a lab technician are confused, because, according to her, she’s used to ‘living two lives.

She said, “I think people are confused when they ask me about my time management, but if you think about it, especially here in the States, it’s kind of something that we’ve done most of our lives, kind of just balancing academic life and athletics.

“And so I think that like just my role coming from the college level and even club level. When I was a teenager, I just got used to living two lives, basically. That’s kind of what I still do now.”

“I am just so thankful about working with Dr. Stephens in her lab at Texas Children’s. She is just so fluid with the time that I am able to come in because it is a really crazy schedule, so I am really thankful that she is able to work around my schedule.”