I need more than just a partner above my pay bracket – actress Caroline Igben

Nigerian actress, Caroline Igben has disclosed the qualities she possesses in a man.Igben, who is also a popular face in the Nigerian skit industry, disclosed this during an interview with Saturday Beats.She revealed that life experiences have made her realize that she needs more than just a partner above her pay bracket.Igben added that she can pay her bills but would still need support from her partner.The actress said;“Growing up, I was of the opinion that I would like to date someone that was way above my pay bracket. But, right now with life experiences, I genuinely pray to God that as far as I am able to provide for myself, I really don’t care if he (my partner) earns more than I do, as long as he is supporting me.“However, people have their preferences. As for me, I will prefer to be in a position of financial independence where I am following (dating) someone without considering money as the first thing to consider in a partner. There are a l lot of things happening in this world that are beyond financial considerations.”