“I was told to sleep at the graveyard” – Lady reveals how Kayamata ruined her life

A Nigerian lady, who is into ‘Hook up’ industry has shared her upsetting experience with popular women charm, ‘Kayamata’. 

Kayamata is a combination of herbs and roots that is thought to improve love and intimacy. This combination, which originated in Northern Nigeria, has been part of local tradition for decades, but its misuse is an increasing worry.

‘Kayamata’ simply translates as ‘Women’s Things’ in Hausa. While these medicines were originally intended to improve marital relationships, it appears that their misuse has resulted in excessive rituals and, in some cases, unthinkable peril.

Her business soared until she began bleeding and vomited blood from her mouth. She returned to the traditional woman, who suggested sleeping on graveyards.

She has joined a chorus of voices warning against the misuse of the term ‘Kayamata’, seeking aid and calling out across online channels.

The young lady’s story triggered massive reactions as social media users shared their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

osagiator_ewean_gabriel said, “Devil will not give u any thing for free and bible talk about three agenda of the devil he came to steal, kill and destroy”.

investor__flex said, “Lol Mk we dy see der face Mk we dy believe Abeg dis days una dy use anything do content”.