Ladies now pay for ride with sex — Bolt driver

A Bolt driver, Taofeek T. Gawat, has revealed that ladies now pay for rides on Bolt and Uber with sex.

The Bolt driver made the revelation in a post on his X handle, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday.

Gawat tweeted of his experience: “To be honest, I never believed the sex for rides thing until I started driving Bolt (Only December to January 2020, 2021).

“I picked this Lady & 2 of her friends up from Elegushi beach around 10:30pm and we were headed for somewhere around Iwaya.

“We dropped 2 of the friends at St. Finbarrs Road and we headed to her home.

“As we almost got there, I asked if it was cash or transfer she wanted to make only for her to start begging me (I’m like WTF?).

“Then she proceeds to ask me what do I want, that her home is here now and she stays alone.

“What do you mean by what do I want?

“Pay me let me go.

“Apparently she had 2k in her account and ride was around 6k (December surge).

“I collected the 2k like that ooo, I just dey fume till next customer ordered another ride from Yaba to WBar.

“Crazy experiences 🥲 Bolt\Uber guys, I hail Una….”