Many Nigerians have developed unnecessary fear for the Police – former IGP, Solomon Arase

Former IGP and Chairman of the Police Service Commissioner, Dr. Solomon Arase has said that the police force has created a bad image for themselves.He also said that the failure of the implementation of the Community Policing system in Nigeria is largely due to the fact that many Nigerians do not trust the Police and don’t want to work with them.Arase who served as the 18th IGP, stated this when he spoke at the lecture series on Tuesday, May 9.“In Nigeria, the police have created a bad image for themselves as they are seen to violate human rights instead of protecting lives and property. They use all forms of brutality on helpless citizens just for their selfish gain. Many Nigerians have developed unnecessary fear for the police and the concept of working with the police seems a major turn off for them.Another challenge faced by community policing in Nigeria is inadequate remuneration received by police officers. When police officers are not well paid they tend to feel more reluctant in working.Corruption is a major issue as it impacts directly on police ability to prevent and control crime as well as criminal investigation. Corrupt police officers work hand in hand with criminals which makes it hard for community policing to thrive”.he said