Marriage is a scam… some women go into it due to pressure – Moet Abebe says

Popular media personality, Moet Abebe, has argued that “marriage is a scam”.In a chat with Chude Jideonwo, Abebe also said a lot of women get married due to “societal pressure.”“Marriage is a scam, is a fair question, it is,” she said.“If someone is so particular about something, maybe the person is coming from a place of knowledge or like an experience, at least they say experience is the best teacher.“Apart from that, I have just noticed that a lot of people are getting married for the wrong reasons. A lot of people are doing it because of pressure.“A lot of people believe that oh yes it’s time, I’m in my 30s, why shouldn’t I be and you end up being with people you would have never ended up being with in the first place – bad marriages.“And I just feel like we should just take some time to actually love ourselves first.“I believe if I don’t love myself if I don’t have these reminders to tell me of who I am, how can someone else fall in love with me?“Especially from a woman’s perspective and that’s why I’m particular about women going into marriages. And just going into it because of the pressure.“It has to be deeper than that, and feel a lot of us aren’t thinking about that, we are thinking about the wedding and the honeymoon but marriage is so much deeper than that.”In 2021, Abebe said she was not interested in getting married because “it is a fraud.”The media personality recently recounted how she endured an “abusive” relationship with her ex-fiance for about two and a half years.