Niger: Italy seeks extension of ECOWAS’ deadline

Italy has called on the Economic Community of West African States to prolong the timeframe for the reinstallation of the deposed president of Niger.

As reported by NAN, this counsel was offered on Monday, by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in an interview.

“The only way is the diplomatic one. I hope that the ultimatum of the Economic Community of West African States, which expired last night at midnight, will be extended today,” Tajani said during the interview.

Due to concerns of potential military involvement from the West African regional group, Niger reportedly temporarily shut down its airspace starting Sunday.

This response came about because coup leaders refused to meet the deadline for restoring President Mohammed Bazoum, who remains detained.

Prior to this, numerous supporters of the junta gathered at a stadium in Niamey, the capital, showing their approval of the decision to resist external demands for stepping down by Sunday, subsequent to the seizure of power on July 26th.