PDP is functional, operates silently in Ebonyi – Caretaker Chairman

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Caretaker Committee Chairman in Ebonyi, Dr Augustine Nwazunku, has said that contrary to insinuations, the party was functional and operates silently in the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that since the conduct of the last general elections in the country, activities of the party in the state seem to be on a low ebb.

This development gave rise to insinuations in several quarters that the PDP was still reeling from its massive loss in all elections in the state.

Nwazunku, in response to the insinuation, told NAN in an interview on Monday that the party was still ‘its vibrant old self’ and would retrieve its gubernatorial mandate at the Supreme Court.

“Visit our party secretariat to see the volume of activities going on as we don’t need to be announcing our internal operations.

“Consultations go on daily at the ward, Local Government Area (LGA) and state levels while our stakeholders are working assiduously for the party’s wellbeing,” he said.

The caretaker chairman urged party faithful not to be disillusioned over proclamations by some persons that they have left the party.

“Declaration of leaving the party is generic as someone might declare such in a bar to attract an extra bottle of beer.

“There are people who are not PDP members but impersonate by declaring that they are leaving the party,” he said.

He noted that some party stalwarts who organised press conferences to announce their defection no longer have electoral value.

“These persons were nurtured, nominated and appropriated by the party to become senators and chairmen among others.

“They no longer have the sense of responsibility towards the party because they did not achieve their aims in the last general elections.

“The fact that no party has lured them for membership confirms their present zero political value and we are happy over such riddance,” he said.

Nwazunku also said that the party was not perturbed by its stalwarts, identifying with the policies of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration in the state.

“All Ebonyi people have responsibilities to the development of the state and must not belong to one party.

“One party does not have the best brains to uplift the state as such brains can be harvested from other parties to achieve desired objectives,” he said. (NAN)