Putin warns of nuclear war if NATO states send militaries to Ukraine

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has warned of a potential nuclear war if NATO states were to militarily intervene in his conflict in Ukraine.

The West should remember that Russia also has weapons that could hit targets on its territory, he told 1,000 representatives from politics, business, culture and religion at his State of the Nation address to both houses of parliament.

The 71-year-old, set to be re-elected next month, emphasised that any escalation and the use of nuclear weapons could lead to the “extinction of civilization.

“ This was not a “cartoon film,” Putin said.

NATO countries had sent Ukraine substantial amounts of military weapons to try to repel Russia’s invasion, now into its third year, but the Western defence alliance had yet to send its own troops.

The consequences of such a move could be tragic, Putin said, while at the same time rejecting claims that Russia wanted to attack the West as “nonsense.”

However, Russia would further strengthen its western flank due to the supposed danger posed by the expansion of NATO, Putin added.

Although he also offered to enter into dialogue with the United States over strategic security in the world.