Sokoto: Gov Aliyu disguises, and rides tricycle on surprise hospital inspection

The Governor of Sokoto State, Ahmad Aliyu, on Monday, paid an unscheduled visit to the Sokoto Specialist Hospital to ascertain the quality of services provided by the outfit.

Malam Abubakar Bawa, the Press Secretary to the governor, disclosed this in a statement on Monday in Sokoto.

Bawa said that the governor’s decision to visit the health facility unannounced followed the series of concerns raised by citizens of the state over the poor health service delivery at the hospital.

The press secretary added that other concerns that spurred the governor to visit the hospital were the need to have a first-hand assessment of its delapitated structures, erratic power supply, dearth of manpower and lack of functional medical equipment, among others.

He stressed that Aliyu visited the hospital in a tricycle in order to get first-hand information from its workers.

Quoting the givernor, the Bawa statement remarked, “I was surprised with what I saw during my visit  to the hospital which lasted for four hours; it afforded me the opportunity to see things for myself.

“Patients and their relatives are subjected to all kinds of hazardous situations owing to dirty environment and lack of functional  equipment in the medical facility.

“Patients’ relatives rely solely on alternative sources of power due to erratic electricity supply in the hospital.

“I have directed the management of the hospital to see me for further discussions on how to remedy the ugly situation,” Bawa further quoted the governor as saying.

A top management source told the News Agency of Nigeria that the poor state of activities at the hospital was due to the inabaility of past administrations in the state to release the monthly allocations due to it as and when due.