Sustain your freedom by voting current leadership, PDP urges Edo people


The PDP on Tuesday urged Edo people to sustain their freedom by voting the current leadership of the state come Sept. 21.

The Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Chris Nehikhare said this at a news conference on Tuesday in Benin.

Nehikhare stated that the PDP was the best choice for the continuation of progress and prosperity of the state.

Nehikhare urged the people not to allow lies and propaganda by oppressors stop their judgement from making informed decisions for a better future for themselves and their unborn children

“But you, our Edo people are wiser than that.

“We know who our friends are and who are oppressors are and cannot submit ourselves to them again to inflict the pains and sufferings of these last few years on our people the second time, ” he said.

The commissioner noted that the state government had enthroned transparency and accountability in administration of state resources.

He said that it was a show of shame to see opposition leaders sit before pressmen waving worthless pieces of papers as evidence for none existent fraud allegations.

“As a party whose foundation was built on a web of lies, no gainsaying, the same way they manufactured this worthless paper is the same way they manufactured the court papers.

“They used this paper in misinforming and misleading the Edo people on the candidacy of the PDP candidate.

“It is the same manner in which they manufactured the crisis with the palace, all in a desperate effort to hoodwink the people and reawaken their completely comatose party in Edo, ” he added.

According to Nehikhare, Edo government has continued to mitigate the sufferings of Edo people through increase in minimum wage and free WiFi in different parts of the state.

“Free transport scheme that have benefitted over six million Edo residents since its launch in September 2023, food palliative to millions and free registration for pensioners into the state’s health Insurance scheme, among others, ” he said. (NAN) (