Tinubu Should Drive MTN, DSTV & Shoprite Out Of Nigeria – Reno Omokri

Nigerian political analyst, Reno Omokri has given President Bola Tinubu tips on how to jumpstart the economy. In a social media post, he urged the president to drive out foreign companies from Nigeria and allow Nigerian companies to take their place. He wrote: “My Take On How President Tinubu Can Jumpstart the Economy.If I were President Tinubu, I would introduce some heavy killer taxes that will drive MTN, DSTV, and Shoprite out of Nigeria to be replaced by Nigerian-owned businesses.Someone like Peter Obi can take over from Shoprite with his Next. Otunba Mike Adenuga can be supported to buy MTN Nigeria’s assets. And why must we watch DSTV? Let us watch Arise. Channels, etc.I will also invite Air Peace to Aso Rock and ask them to consider being Nigeria’s national carrier. They can remain private but must change their name to Nigerian Air Peace. Once they agree, I will tax foreign airlines and give them a rebate, and within four years, they will overtake Ethiopian Airlines as Africa’s biggest and most successful airline.I will order the Central Bank of Nigeria to grant huge interest-free loans to Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company and order my industry minister to relocate to Nnewi to help them expand their facilities. Then I, as President, will use a bulletproof IVM car, and then place the mother of all taxes on foreign vehicles whilst banning any Ministry, Department, Agency or Parastatal of the Federal Government from using any other car except IVM.I was a presidential spokesman, with access to the President. We were given economic data that shows how vulnerable Nigeria is to so called foreign investors. The money that leaves Nigeria through exploitative investments is more than the FDI that flows into Nigeria.The largest source of foreign exchange into Nigeria are Nigerians in the diaspora. And to encourage them to send more money to Nigeria, I would suggest President Tinubu spearheads the initiative to give them the right to vote.Finally, I will convene a National Economic Council meeting to appeal to the thirty six state Governors to give free land to any Nigerian citizen resident in their state for the sole purpose of farming, whether small or large scale agriculture.Once you start your farm and the Ministry of Agriculture inspects it, you get free seeds and seedlings of your choice, free fertilisers, along with a grant of ₦250,000, which you will not need to repay, except you abandon your farm.If we take these steps and others, the value of our Naira will skyrocket, and the Federal Government will immediately have the financial wherewithal to pay its workers a ₦75,000 monthly minimum wage.”