Visible crack: Dorman-Long bridge is in good condition and fit for use – Federal Ministry of Works

The Federal Ministry of Works says the Dorman-long Bridge connecting Ikorodu Road to Western Avenue (Jibowu-Ojuelegba) is in good condition and fit for use despite the visible crack on a section of the road.

Over the weekend, Lagosians were frightened after photos of a section of the bridge with visible crack hit the internet.

However, in a statement released today September 18, the Federal Controller of Works, Lagos state, Engr(Mrs) O.I. Kesha said the Ministry of Works, said the Lagos State Field Headquarters Engineers led by the Federal Controller of Works of the Ministry inspected the bridge to ascertain the veracity of this claim.

‘’During the inspection, it was discovered that this section of the bridge is in good condition as the bridge bearings at that location and all other locations along the bridge were noticed to be in healthy and serviceable conditions & only a negligible portion of the parapet wall was found to be damaged and this does not affect the structural stability of the bridge.

To this end, we wish to inform the general public that the Dorman-long bridge is in good condition and fit for use. Thus, the general public should put their mind at rest and continue to enjoy the use of the bridge with peace of mind.”the statement read