What transpired the day INEC closed its defence against Obi LP’s petition at PEPC

Alright, the judges are seated.

Justice Bello: Good morning, learned senior counsel, members of the bar, the press, and everyone here today.
Welcome to today proceedings, as usual, we want your cooperation today for a successful proceeding.
You are all welcome.

The clerk is now up, and he has announced the case

Datti with a smile: Respectfully, I am Datti Baba-Ahmed, representing Labour Party

APC – Odunsoya Damilola George Legal Officer APC

INEC is absent today

Lead Counsel:

Labour Party – SAN Livy Uzoukwu

INEC – SAN AB Mahmoud

Tinubu and Shettima – SAN Wole Olanipekun

APC – SAN LO Fagbemi

INEC’s lawyer SAN AB Mahmoud is now up with the microphone

He is about to call INEC’s witness

INEC: Before witness comes out, my lord, I have a couple of documents that I want to tender

SAN Livy is now up with a very angry face: My lord, I believe this is the stage that we, in fact, I would hand over to Ikwueto

SAN Ikwueto is now up

SAN Ikwueto: My lord, we have subpoenas on this that we want to tender for a seemless case today with this witness

Justice Tsammani:What is seemless? You have closed your case. Do you want to reopen your case again

Ikwueto: No, my lord, we have subpoena and documents for this witness

Justice Tsammani and the other judges are looking feeble

Justice Tsammani: You have closed your case, and you want to tender

Ikwueto: It’s for this person, and we want to have a seemless case with these witnesses. They are subpoenas
If my lords would allow

Justice Tsammani: Wow

Justice Tsammani: You can not. You have closed your case, please, what seemless case.

Ikwueto: No problem, my lord. I just wanted us to have documents that show that we requested what they are bringing out now.

Justice Tsammani: No, please, your case is closed.

SAN Ikwueto sits

Ikwueto is now up again: My lord, we do not object to their documents apart from 3

Justice Tsammani: Ikwueto they have not even rendered

The whole court is laughing

Tsammani: Are you sure this rain allowed you to sleep well

Ikwueto: I thought they rendered

INEC has now tendered the document

All the respondents did not object

Ikwueto: We do not object to all apart from 3 of the documents, my lord. The ones listed as 3,4 & 7

Justice Tsammani has now admitted the documents as evidence before the court

INEC has now called the Witness

INEC: We want to call the witness Dr. Lawrence Bayode

Secretary: Dr Lawrence Kayode

INEC: No, B as a boy, Bayode

Secretary: Okay, Bayode, please step out to the box

The witness is now out, walking to the box

This one witness is cleaning glasses, I hope he can see the road, oh

The secretary has now sworn in the witness

INEC: You are Dr. Lawrence Bayode

W: Yes

INEC: Where do you live

W: Abuja

INEC: You are a staff of INEC

W: Yes

INEC: What is your position, and how long have you been working

W: I’m a deputy director of the ICT in INEC

W: I’ve been working for 24 years with INEC

‘Now I know why Ikwueto wanted to tender documents, LP sent subpoenas to this same department in INEC, and they didn’t show up, but here they are today standing as witness for INEC’

INEC: You made your statement on 10th April

W: Yes

INEC: How do you recognize it

W: With my signature

INEC: Do you wish to adopt

W: Yes, but there are some errors on pages 69 and 70 that I want to correct
On the paragraph, it moves from 40 to 104, 105, 106, 107, 108 instead of 41, 42, 43, 44, and 45

INEC: Okay, let’s correct it

INEC: My lord, please help with the correction. Witness any other correction

W: No

INEC: In paragraph 8 (29viii) and 107(i) that’s 44(i) you referenced the cloud train log

W: Yes

INEC: If you see that cloud trail log, can you identify it

W: Yes, my name and signature are there

INEC: I seek to tender the cloud trail and the certification my lord.
It’s listed in item 6 on our schedule of documents

Tinubu’s lawyer, Olanipekun, is now up on his feet

O: My lord, it is too early in the morning to be objecting to documents. There is no objection

The whole courtroom is laughing.

APC: No objection to the documents presented by INEC, my lord

Ikwueto: My lord, we object and would state our reasons in full when the need arises

Wahala ohhh, it’s now Labour Party’s turn to be objecting

Ikwueto sits with a huge smile

Justice Tsammani has now admitted the documents as evidence before the court

INEC: My lord, I want the documents to be taken as read if I have your kind permission

Justice Ugo: How do you want to demonstrate this document? Do you want to enter cloud

The whole courtroom

Justice Tsammani: Since it’s cloudy, they will enter the cloud to demonstrate the cloud

Olanipekun: No objections, my lord

APC: We consent to the document to be marked as read

Ikwueto: No objections, my lord

‘Everyone is shocked, but Ikwueto has a huge smile on his face’

INEC: This smile from Ikwueto well I’m
I’m just happy he’s not objecting and he’s in a good spirit today, I hope this spirit of cooperation continues

‘This smile on Ikwueto to me is a deadly smile oh, this Labour Party lawyers are up to something’

Olanipekun is now up

O: The foundation and the authencity of INEC elections are written in the forms EC8A and EC8B

W: Yes

O: Assuming IREV have blurred documents, they won’t affect the physical results of form EC8A, which are not blurred. Am I right

W: Yes

O: The images of form EC8A uploaded to IREV are not relevant for results collation, am I right

W: Yes you’re right

O: Are you aware of the celebrated E-Naira of President Buhari

W: Yes I’m aware

O: The E-Naira could not function work due to technological issues, am I right

W: You are right

‘Lol, are you working in CBN? Are you aware, witness’

O: Are you aware that the e-naira app was removed from the google Play Store to fix the technological issues? Are you aware

Yes I’m aware

‘Why is Olanipekun using style to give him answers’

Olanipekun: That would be all

APC is now up

APC: It was the physical form EC8A that your commission uses to collate elections, right


APC: The glitches that occurred on the presidential election did not affect the collation, right


APC: Are you aware that ECOWAS was one of the recognised observers for the election, right


APC: They issued a report

W: Yes, but I’ve not seen it, but I know

APC: Look at your exhibit on the cloud log and explain to my lords how you obtain it and it’s essence

W: Thank you, my lord. It is obtained on the AWS and shows the activity that was deployed on the e-transmission application on AWS to fix the glitches that were encountered on that day

APC sits down

Ikwueto is now up with his huge smile

LP: Your app on e-transmission was tested before it was used

W: Yes

LP: The testing was done between 3rd and 6th Feb 2023

W: No

Ikwueto laughing: So when was it

W: It was 4th Feb

‘The whole courtroom laughing’

Ikwueto: The report was received on 22nd Feb 2023 by INEC

W: Yes

Ikwueto: This is the report, and you produced it on subpoena

W: Murmurs a bit, yes

INEC is up. This document is not before the court yet

Ikwueto: Okay, no problem, my lord, I want to tender the document in evidence

Justice Tsammani: Okay

Ikwueto: Thank you, Sir

INEC is now up: No objection

APC lawyers are murmuring heavily and very loudly
They are not happy

Olanipekun: We object, my lord

APC: My lord, we don’t know what this document is. We object

Wahaluuurr ohhh

Justice Tsammani has now admitted the document as exhibit XY

Ikwueto: Does this document show the findings

W: It says findings

INEC is up

Ikwueto: Pleaae sit down

Ikwueto: So it shows findings resolved

W: Yes

Ikwueto: You are a senior pastor
In your church

W: Yes

Ikwueto: It shows the risk level

W: It is resolved

Ikwueto: But it shows it was high risk

W: It was resolved

Ikwueto: So the e-transmission was not vulnerable

W: Yes, it was resolved

This witness has just contradicted himself
Remember what he said to APC earlier on e-transmission

Ikwueto: Your test was done on the pre-production server

W: No, it was on the UAT server

Ikwueto: Open page 23 of the report

W: Which report

Ikwueto: The report you can see

W: Hold on

Ikwueto: Pastor, you are taking all the time in World

W: I’m referred to as Doctor

Ikwueto: I’m also a man of God

W: I can’t find it

Ikwueto: So you can not see the page

W: No, I can’t

Ikwueto: You still can not see it

W: Oh, I can see it now

Ikwueto: On this paragraph 7.3.3 on pre-prod

W: It was not this one

Ikwueto: This is a server testing

W: It was not this one

Ikwueto: You tested the server right

W: Yes, but

APC is now up: My lord it’s already 24 minutes

Why are they afraid, na

Ikwueto: I put it to you Dr that an AWS cloud trail law would have these features: event time, event source, event name, AWS Region, source IP address. Do you agree

W: It is listed

Ikwueto: Do you agree

W: It is listed

Oboy you agree abi you no agree

Justice Tsammani: Is that a yes

W: Yes

Ikwueto: The snapped copy of EC8A on IREV and the hard copy EC8A can never be different

W: Anything can happen when you’re uploading

‘The whole court shouts ahhhh’
INEC fear God, ohhhhh
Pastor Lawrence, Pastor Lawrence
No wonder he did not swear with the Bible when he was sworn in. He used affirmation and not Bible’

Ikwueto: So it would change

W: It won’t change

Ikwueto: Show him this PCA23 exhibit.
Pastor next week, I will be in your church on Sunday

INEC is up: That is unfair. You’re intimidating him

Wahalurrr oh, me too I want to go to his Church

Ikwueto: Is it bad that I want to come to church

Ikwuetoooo won’t kill us.

Ikwueto: Look at the document, please.
What are the scores

W: I can’t see it. It’s blurred

INEC that’s how they brought Deeper Live sister that day to lie, now pastor Lawrence
Who is in Pastor Lawrence church

Ikwueto: So what are the scores

W: I can’t see it, but it looks different

Pastor Lawrence

Ikwueto: Thank you. My lord, please answer one more question.

Justice Tsammani: Okay

Ikwueto: You are aware that INEC materials are archived

W: Which one

Ikwueto: Your materials, press statement, and all

W: Not all

Ikwueto: Oh, not all
So did you…

APC cuts in

APC: Please, his time is up

Justice Tsammani: Re-examination

Ikwueto smiling: Okay, no problem.

INEC is up now


INEC: You were asked on exhibit x1 about the performance, and I want you to explain performance and functionality to the court

Justice Tsammani: It’s not necessary

Ikwueto: Thank you, my lord

INEC: My lord, he needs to explain it so we can understand

Justice Tsammani: Okay, explain

W: Thank you my lord, the functionality is that it’s doing what it was meant to do while the performance is test on how the system will behave under heavy load and heavy users and the vulnerability test is the one on the backend to ensure the system is secured

INEC: Thank you. Can we discharge the witness

Justice Tsammani: Okay

Ikwueto: Now that he’s discharged, can we come to your church on Sunday


Justice Ugo: Go with your 10% and give him beforehand if you want to go to his church

Ikwueto: I will invite him for confession

Ikwuetoooo, Ikwueto does not have Guardian Angel. This is his vawulence

INEC: My lord that would be all for us, we are closing ours today.

‘The whole courtroom is shocked’

INEC has closed their case with only 1 witness

INEC what you people are doing

Only 1 witness to defend the whole glitch and election

Justice Tsammani: Okay, any objection to them closing their case

There was no objection

Olanipekun: My lord, we would them open ours tomorrow.

Justice Tsammani: Okay
So we adjourn today

The case has now been adjourned to tomorrow, Wednesday, 5th July 2023, for Tinubu and Shettima’s lawyers to open their case.