Former Governor El-Rufai writes about his first day after leaving Office

Former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai has revealed that since leaving office, he has finally gotten his peace of mind back. He made the revelation in a Twitter post. According to him, no more wake up calls or knocks on his bedroom door. He wrote: “PEACE OF MIND AT LAST: Today is my first day since leaving office of Governor of Kaduna State. It has been the easiest day I can recall in nearly ten years – no wake up calls or knocks on my bedroom door, no packed schedules from Adejoh Momoh, no running up and down to meet timelines, and no early security reports to read and issue directives!! So, for many like me, life is much easier as objective bystanders – but for our younger generation, know that you don’t have the luxury of being excluded from politics and public service. Please be willing to sacrifice your time and resources to help President Asiwaju and all your state governors to succeed whenever called upon. To the older generation with experience, contentment and integrity, be available in small numbers as well to serve. Be prepared to add your knowledge, wisdom and judgment to mobilize the energy, innovation and courage of the youth to address the challenges our nation faces. Together, we will the be able to achieve the Nigerian ideal that President Tinubu outlined yesterday in first inaugural speech. -@elrufai”