Saudis Prefer Nightlife – Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Up On Lift In Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Al-Nassr captain, has spoken up on life in Saudi Arabia.He is speaking up following his free transfer to the Super Pro League club last December after his contract with Manchester United was terminated.Ronaldo said that Saudis prefer nightlife which he thinks is very interesting and good.The Portugal captain seemed to be fascinated by Saudi Arabia’s traditions and culture and talked highly about the food available in the capital city of Riyadh.“Very good, if you want to come here and have fun and learn about the culture and try the food, the Saudis prefer the nightlife, which I think is very interesting and good,” Ronaldo told Saudi Pro League’s official platforms (via Twitter).“If you see it during the night, it’s very beautiful – the city. If you like to eat, coming to Riyadh it’s probably one of the best places, I would say, with more quality restaurants,” he said.