Tor Tiv reacts to reports of Tiv Men entertaining guests with their wives

Tor Tiv, His Royal Majesty, Begha U Tiv, Ochivirigh, Prof Ortese Iorzua James Ayatse.

An agelong legend that Tiv men were wont to allow their visitors pass the night with their wives as the icing on their entertainment cake has been shattered by the Tor Tiv, His Royal Majesty, Begha U Tiv, Ochivirigh, Prof Ortese Iorzua James Ayatse.

The Tor Tiv’s significant Royal disapprobation of the traditional myth came on the heels of a Big Brother Naija’s (BBN’s) housemate, Venice Akpofure’s remarks about Tiv culture on the subject matter.

She had said on air, for a second time, that Tiv men gave their wives to their friends for s3x.

Venita’s remarks reinforcing the legend on the very popular BBN media platform had given the legend a renewed and unprecedented traction, leading to a bedlam on social media and other platforms of socio-cultural engagements

But the Tor Tiv has decided to rein in those who harbour the belief that it was the custom at a particular intersection, and to outright dismantle the legend.

In a clip on WhatsApp with the trademark of @Nicodemuscomedian, which THE CONCLAVE transcribed, the revered Tiv traditional ruler said: “I am the paramount ruler of the Tiv nation worldwide, the Tor Tiv and the custodian of the Tiv traditional culture.

“I want to speak from that position being the custodian of the tradition of the Tiv people. Clearly, I know about the culture and tradition. I am the first authority when it comes to tradition and culture of the Tiv people worldwide.

“History about the Tiv man offering his wife to entertain his visitors has never been practised in any Tiv nation.

“It is a story that people have framed up. The Tiv man that I know growing up, some people will even commit manslaughter if they get to know you are messing with their wives secretly.

“Tiv man is jealous and protective of his wife. So, that story is not true. It is a fabricated story. Anyone who wants to test that story can come to Tiv land and try it.

“So, it is not just what people say that they can even construct a drama. Let anyone come and say that on so, so date, I visited a Tiv man, give the name of the person, the wife that was offered to him, then we will know that he is telling the truth.

“It has never happened and will never happen. So, it is not part of Tiv tradition and culture.

“Since we learnt it, we have not imbibed it, and we have never practised it. If somebody makes direct allegation, and we can hold him, he will have to prove it in court.”