Troops killed 42 terrorists, arrest 116 others ,recovered huge arms , says military spokesman

The Defence Headquarters said on Thursday that ongoing intense military clearance operations in terrorists enclaves and camps in Sambisa forest and a number of villages within Bama, Damboa, Gwoza and Kaga Local Government Areas of Borno State have led to the arrest of 116 terrorists and the recovery of huge arms and ammunition.

Director, Defence Media Operations (DMO), Major General Musa Danmadami
Made this disclosure while briefing the press on the ongoing military operations against insurgents and criminals between May 4-18, 2023 across the country .He said that not less than 48 terrorists were neutralized.

He said that the operations had forced 511 terrorists with their families to surrender to troops while 29 kidnapped victims including one Chibok School girl were rescued. The girl Saratu Dauda was among those kidnapped in 2015 with serial number 10 of the list .She was rescued on May 6, 2023 by troops on fighting patrol had said that the pressure was highly unbearable in their make shift camps.

Major General Danmadami said that recent pockets of attacks in North Central and Kaduna state could be traced to terrorists elements who migrated from Sambisa forest and terrorists enclaves in the North East.He assured that there would be no hiding place for them . He appealed to the public to report unusual movements of persons to the military for immediate action.

According to him, troops operations in the last two weeks in Borno State have led to the recovery of 10 AK47 rifles, 8 SMGs, 15 grenades, 2 pump action guns, 1 LMG gun, 1 Ma rifle, 2 AA barrel, 12 dane guns, 25 AK47 magazines, 2 double barrel guns, 3,896 rounds of .50 inch, 1,802 rounds of 12.7mm x 19, 1,475 rounds of 9mm, 86 rounds 12.7mm x 108mm API, 183 rounds of shilka, 60 rounds of 40mm BGL, 2 rounds of 7.62mm x 39 B/SP, 34 cartons of sig pistol ammo

Other weapons recovered are 124 RPG bombs, 50 x 36 hand grenade, 5 SMK bombs, 13 RPG tubes, 8 x 76mm bombs, 130 smoke grenades (teargas), 13 x PG 42 grenade and 247 rounds x 38mm SMK bombs. Others include 15 RPG tail pin, 245 rounds of 7.62mm special, 148 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 1 G3 skeletal weapon, 2 AK47 working parts, 2 mortar bombs, 2 x 60mm mortar tube, 1 shoulder grenade launcher, 8 propeller charge (155 gun), 2 vickers MBT bore sighting equipment, 1 charger for 125mm, 4 RKT 73mm PG9 base, 3 fuse for 105, 2 scrap for AK47 rifle (police type),

The rest weapon and ammunition include 1 scrap FN magazine, 194 fuse for 122mm D30 HW bombs, 41 fuse for 155mm bombs, 20 fuse for 82mm mortar, 5 illum fuse, 1 tripod stand, 6 non electric detonator, 1 tool box containing several weapon parts, 1 SPG stand, 1 lister generator, 1 welding machine, 1 water heater, 1 exhaust, 3 mortar base plates, large quantities of Improvised Explosive Device making materials and terrorist flag.

The Director said that troops operations in the South South Zone of the country also yielded huge results including the destruction of 38 illegal refineries, 24 wooden boats, 169 storage tanks, 152 ovens and 19 dugout pits .

The soldiers who are fighting economic saboteurs and crude oil theft recovered 551,500 litres of crude oil, 394,500 litres of Automotive Gas Oil, 16 vehicles, 4 motorcycles, 1 tricycle, 2 pumping machine, 1 outboard engine, 1 generator, 1 speed boat, 4 weapons and 132 assorted ammunitions.