Why i didn’t date my husband for long — actress, Biola Adebayo speaks

Biola Adebayo, a popular actress, has talked about her marriage.She explained the reason behind not having a long courtship with her husband before signing the dotted line.She stated this while recounting her love story on her YouTube channel.She said, “I realised that we had a lot of things in common. Me and my husband did not court for too long. We got married in less than six months (after we started dating). That was because I knew what I wanted.”Adebayo added that marrying a Christian was an important consideration in her search for a life partner.She said, “First, I was looking for a believer (Christian). That was utmost for me. I was looking for somebody that lived in Nigeria and was not ready to ‘japa’ (relocate). I got a lot of advances from guys abroad but I did not want to leave Nigeria. My former husband lived abroad. I can speak Hausa, and my husband can speak the language too. We have many things in common. When we finally met, I realised that I could give him a chance. After about two weeks (of knowing each other), we met in person.Adebayo also stated that she was not desperate about marriage.She added, “I was never desperate about marriage. Rather, I was patiently waiting. I knew the kind of person I wanted, and I knew that God would bring that person in His own time, so I was not bothered.”