Woman beats up husband for questioning her relationship with pastor

Woman beats husband

A middle aged woman on Friday in Aba, Abia State beat up her husband for daring to question her relationship with a pastor living in their area.

The mother of three, whose full identity was not known, lives along Ukonu Street, off Ajah-Ngwa Road, Aba South.

She allegedly got angered when her spouse complained that the quantity and quality of food she takes to the pastor was better than what she dispenses at home.

Witnesses said the lady, a member of the pastor’s church, was displeased with her husband’s observation and reacted by slapping, pushing and holding him down on the ground before neighbours came to his rescue.

She was said to have threatened to move out of her matrimonial home, claiming that her spouse and neighbours were monitoring her activities and accusing her of acts she never engaged in.

An elderly man in the vicinity, who pleaded anonymity, told Daily Sun that the pastor, who lives and operates a new generation church in the area, had variously been rumoured to be flirting with young women, even in the presence of their spouses.

He said: “You see, though no one had come out openly to accuse this young pastor of taking his wife, rumours have been going on about the promiscuity, especially female members of his church.

“He behaves as if nothing is happening, but we know that rumours do not circulate in vain.

“There must be truth in what we hear, because the way the woman beat up her husband and threatened to divorce him for questioning her behaviour shows something is between her and the pastor.”

Another resident in the area, who also didn’t want his name made public, called on the authorities to come out with ways of monitoring the activities of new generation churches to ensure they are working towards leading people to righteousness, instead of using such avenues for breaking marriages.

He said: “Government should come up with a mechanism of monitoring the actual reasons for establishing worship centres and what goes on in them thereafter, to forestall what we are seeing today.”

He advised young women not to be carried away by the sweet talks from proprietors of the new generation churches.

The Sun.